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 Color Meaning

   Light Blue to symbolize truth, confidence and sucess
   Dark Blue to symbolize solidarity, harmony and s sprit of cooperation
   Red to symbolize confidence, bravery, efficiency, truth and justice
   White to symbolize a clean, trustworty and just service
   Yellow to symbolize prosperity and excellence
   Green to symbolize vitality, advancement and progress







Family/Scientific Name : Ardeidae/Egretta Alba

The Egretta Alba or great egret is the largest (82cm-120cm) in the Egret bird group. Its feathers are white and its feet are black. Its chest is yellow but the colour will change to black during breeding season, which is from April to September. The Egretta Alba is often found in paddy field, swamp areas and mangrove swamp forests in Sabah, Sarawak and Semenanjung Malaysia. In Kota Kinabalu, this bird is often seen at the Likas Lagoon and area, usually in small colonies. Nest building for the laying of egges is begun by the male egret, and later completed by both male and female egrets. Sometimes the nest building continues until the baby egret is hatched. The egret's food are crabs, fish and small living things that can be captured in water or mud. Usually, the egret can be seen by itself or in small groups and more found in Semenanjung Malaysia than in Sabah and Sarawak.


Family/Scientific Name : Orchidaceae/Phalaenopsis Amabilis

The genus Phalaenopsis is derived from the Greek word "Phalana" which means butterfly, and the word "Opsis" is like to the shape of a big and beautiful flower resembling a butterfly. The Phalaenopsis Amabilis (Latin "Amabilis" means beautiful), also known as Borneo Orchid, is an epifit orchid. It has a short stem and long rectangular shaped leaves reaching 30 cm and as wide as 12 cm. The stalk of its flowers can reach 80 cm which can hold up to 20 white flowers as large as 8-10 cm. This Orchid species can easily be found in Borneo, is easy to cultivate, prolific, easy to cross bread and nurture, easy to move and take care without using soil.


Family/Scientific Name : Casuarinnceae/Casuarina Sumatrana or Casuarina Nobile

A beautiful, decorative and handsome Casuarina species with evergreen foliage. The leaves from a bushy crown with regular and symmetrical silhouette. It is slow growing but can live as long as 70 years. Pruning and cutting are not necessary. easy to maintain because it has few branches. The truck can be considered as hardwood. In roadside landscaping, arrangement of Sempilau can be a formal one. When trees are planted on both sides ample shade is provided. The Casuarina comes from the family Casuarinnceae. Casuarina Sumantrana is from Sumatrana Ru. This beautiful specie has a much bushier crown and more symmetrical shape than the Casuarina equisetifelia. unbranched green needle-twigs of 8 inches long. The diameter is 12 meters and height 16 meters.

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